A rehearsal room should be a place where your creativity flows. A comfortable, spacious, warm environment with no interruptions whatsoever. And that's exactly what we offer.

A purpose built rehearsal room that's warm, comfortable with central heating. And unlike other rehearsal rooms that tend to divide a room up with flimsy walls to house multiple bands, we prefer to operate a single room only. You will never be interrupted by noise pollution from other people, breaking your concentration. Once you've booked our rehearsal room then its yours for the duration. We guarantee the only sound you will hear is your own.

Our rehearsal room is at the heart of the studio, 900sq foot of space to accommodate large groups, yet comfortable enough to suit a single artist wanting to rehearse alone. With a powerful PA system, guitar amps, bass rig and drum kit, everything you need is under one roof.

We have a drinks vending machine with tea, coffee & hot chocolate, Marshall fridge to put your beers and soft drinks in, off road secure parking with electronic gate entrance, CCTV, fast free WiFi, and a clean modern toilet / shower refreshment area.

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