A legendary board, made famous for its warmth and used in the industry by the likes of Roger Waters, Gary Numan & Rush is at the heart of the recording studio. Along with a range of outboard gear, AD convertors and microphones.


Soundtracs Quartz 48 Channel
D8B 56 Input / 72 Channel Digital Mixer


2 x iMacs 4.2 i7 with 16GB DDR4 Ram
Logic Pro X
Digital Performer 9
Mackie HDR 24/96
MOTU 828 Mk3
Saturn 824
Focusrite 18i20
Focusrite Octopre Mk2 Dynamic
Mikale Meekski Compressors (X4)
Tascam Parametric Equalizers
Lexicon Digital Reverb 224X
Semetrix Dual Gate Compressor / Limiters
Drawmer Dual Compressor / Limiters (X4)
P&R Audio Dual Noise Gates
AMS Model 16 Digital Reverb
AMS Model 80 Digital Delay
XRI Systems 300 SMPTE Synchroniser
Sony PCM-701s Audio Processor
MXR Dual 2/3 Octave EQ
Roland Digital Delay SDE-3000
TC Electronic Triple C
Multiband Compressor & Envelope
Aphex Systems Ltd Aural Exciter Type C
Alesis Quadraverb 20K Digital Effects Processor
Yamaha Q1027 Graphic Equalizer
Yamaha Analogue Delay E1010


UREI 839 Time Aligned 
KRK Rockit RP8
Yamaha NS10
Yamaha HS7


Neumann U87
Rode M5 Matched Pair
Aston British Microphones
Sennheiser Microphones
AKG Microphones
Shure Microphones
+ many more

Berlin Studios

Caxton House, Caxton Avenue
Bispham, Blackpool,
Lancashire, FY2 9AP
+44 (0)1253 591169
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