Berlin Studios was the brainchild of Ron Sharples, who realised that despite having a thriving music scene in Blackpool, there were no professional recording studios in the area at that time.

With the rise of new & exciting artists, the studio project began to take shape. It was designed by professional studio builders who planned & acoustically treated the building, right down to sand-filled walls & fabricated wall carpet for complete sound absorption.

Berlin Studios was born in May 1984

With over 39 years in the business our studio has produced hundreds of albums, thousands of singles, and is the recording studio of choice for serious artists looking for professional results.

Berlin Studios has a legacy unmatched by any other studio in the area. We are home to some of the very best producers & audio engineers in the UK, such as Phil Harding, Tim Duncan & James Routh.

We are the only studio in the area accredited with working and providing for leading industry clients such as
BBC Radio 2, SKY, ITV, Channel 4, Ragdoll Productions & Lionsgate Studios.

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